Health Clinics

Medication and healthcare is in short supply, in general it is expensive and mostly inaccessible to the poor.  In the target areas there are approximately 120,000 people of whom 18% are infants, 60% are aged between 2 and 18 and only 22% are over 18 years old thus, creating significant demographic imbalances. Furthermore, it is estimated that about 5% of the target population are HIV infected which is 2 ½ times the national rate of 2%. Need of used medical equipment and supplies are highly needed.

In addition to supplies like beds, equipment for labs, wheel chairs, medicine is also required to help those who cannot afford to pay for it. Too many times people are made to suffer unnecessarily and even be turned away if the illness is severe enough, forcing them to suffer or even die alone. We want to do everything we can to prevent this situation if at all possible.